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“Did a big ship just pull up in the bay and drop off a whole lot of people looking for work?” Lief looked at me to ask after we’d finished our seventh interview of the week yesterday. “Where are all these English-speaking job-seekers coming from?!”

We’ve been looking for additional staff. We’ve run advertisements for these posts in all the usual places here in Panama City. In the past, when we’ve advertised for staff, we’ve gotten some resumes, mostly from Panamanians. This month? Boy, have we gotten resumes! Dozens of them. And not only from Panamanians looking for jobs, but from interesting, educated, English-speaking people from all around the world, as well.

We’ve interviewed a South African, a Haitian, two Germans, a Spaniard, a Canadian, an American…

And we’ve been impressed by almost every one of them. In fact, after we’d filled all the available positions, we decided to create a new one. We didn’t want to miss out on the chance to hire all of the top-notch candidates who’d presented themselves. Young, eager, well-traveled, looking to be part of something, to help build something…you don’t meet kids like these every day. We figured we’d better grab them.

It helps that Panama now makes it possible for young folks from a long list of favored nations to live and work in the country legally. Panama’s new “Specific Countries” visa program means that we can choose from among the best possible candidates for any given position, nationality notwithstanding.

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