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Volcan, Panama


The small town of Volcán lies on the side of the Barú Volcano, one of the region’s most impressive landmarks. Located around 45 mins drive from David, Volcán is a 7 hour drive from Panama City. There is a regular plane service between David and Panama City though, and flights take only 40 mins.

Volcán is a quiet and peaceful town, largely free of the tourists and expats that you find in Boquete. The area is very remote and sparsely populated. You can drive for miles seeing only a few houses and the occasional very small town. The scenery is some of the most spectacular in Panama. The volcano dominates the skyline but is surrounded by mountains. At the foothill are lush green fields, home to horses and cattle, enjoying the temperate climate. The various shades of green you see in Volcán are much more vivid than elsewhere in Panama. They remain throughout the year as well. Even during the dry season, the region feels lush and hospitable.

There is very little traffic in Volcán, and almost no pollution.  If you enjoy spending time outside, this is the place for you. On the flipside the area has little in the way of amenities. The town has some restaurants, a bank, supermarket and a few other stores that cater to everyday living. If you’re a culture vulture, or looking for a varied or lively nightlife you will want to look elsewhere.

An advantage of living in Volcán instead of Boquete is the lower cost of living. Real estate is far more affordable, and there is plenty of land available too. The region has abundance of local produce, available at bargain prices. If your happy to eat fresh, seasonal produce, your day-to-day costs will be low. Another bonus is that you don’t need air conditioning or central heating. However, lots of people here enjoy a wood burning stove or fire from time to time.

Cost Of Living On Volcán

Apartment or House Rental Budget for Volcán, Chiriquí

RentUS$800Close to downtown, American style, small house, unfurnished.
TransportationUS$50Local buses, taxis, car expenses.
Garbage collectionUS$5
GasUS$15Commonly used for Cooking and heating
ElectricityUS$35No air conditioning.
Cell PhoneUS$30Calls, texts, and low data.
Household HelpUS$80Maid-one day per week ($20 per 8 hour day).
EntertainmentUS$105This includes eating twice a week (430 per meal for 2), drinks twice a week ($3 per drink), and a movie theater trip to David once a month ($20).
GroceriesUS$400Basic items for a couple
Cable TVUS$40
Medical AppointmentUS$15Basic doctor’s visit with a GP.
Total Monthly ExpensesUS$1,610.00


Map Of Volcan, Chiriqui

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