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Pedasí, Panama

Enjoy A Simple Life of Beaches and BBQ in Pedasí

In a golden corner of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula sits the town of Pedasí. It’s a town with a village atmosphere—large enough to feel like you can live there, yet small enough to make you feel like an active stakeholder in a thriving community. The Azuero Peninsula constitutes Panama’s southernmost landmass. Jutting into the Pacific, Azuero is an excellent staging post for forays into the ocean and is home to some of Panama’s finest coastline, with idyllic islands lying offshore surrounded by a deep blue and turquoise ocean abundant with rare mammals and marine life.

Idyllic beaches of golden sand and fascinating rocky outcrops hold rock pools full of tropical life. Dense maritime jungles provide a home to a wealth of flora and fauna. Fresh, life-giving water cascades from the mountains in spectacular waterfalls. Gold bearing rivers meander from the foothills down to the golden shore.

Cost Of Living In Pedasí

This is a wholesome, genuine, and authentic place. It’s the kind of place you might doubt still exists anywhere in the world and an ideal place to embrace a quiet, simple beach lifestyle in retirement, even on a modest budget. Pedasí is an affordable destination in Panama, and on a budget under US$1,241 per month, you can live well.

Monthly Budget For A Couple Living In Pedasí, Panama

TotalUS$ 1,376
RentUS$ 425Two-bedroom apartment in town
GasUS$ 5 For cooking.
TransportationUS$ 120You’ll need a car in Pedasí. 30$ for weekly gas.
ElectricityUS$ 45
WaterUS$ 7
TelephoneUS$ 49
InternetN/A Bundled with phone.
Cable TVN/A Bundled with phone.
GroceriesUS$ 411 Basic items for couple.
EntertainmentUS$ 314 Social outing, 25$ p/person

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Infrastructure In Pedasí

Good roads connect the Pan-American Highway to the principal towns of the gulf coast (Chitre, Las Tablas, and Pedasí), and the infrastructure around Pedasí has improved remarkably in recent years.

Recent improvements to the Pan-American Highway mean the journey to Pedasí by car can be done in a little more than four hours from Panama City. A comfortable and surprisingly efficient alternative is to take a bus from the terminal in Panama City to Chitre or Las Tablas and then on to Pedasí. If you have a group of about six people, it can be cost effective to charter a plane privately or through Air Panama, the principal domestic carrier at Albrook airport.

The area around Pedasí has been opening up as communication links improve. There is now a regular flight from Panama City’s domestic Albrook airport on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Climate In Pedasí

The gulf coast of Azuero offers some of Panama’s best weather conditions and is known as the Dry Arc, or Arco Seco. A breeze lowers the humidity of this region and allows a welcome respite from the normal heat and humidity.