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El Valle, Panama

The Cool, Mountain Village: El Valle de Anton

Nestled within the majestic confines of an extinct volcanic crater and overlooked by the Sleeping Indian mountain range and cloud-capped mountains, about 90 minutes from Panama City lies the bustling market town of El Valle de Anton. As you climb the hill from the Pan-American Highway, you pass through a number of landscape changes where the subtle hues and colors of nature transform as you pass through small, neat settlements and villages with sellers of artisan flower pots, garden furniture, or flourishing plant nurseries.

The community has grown over thousands of years from a small gathering of local villages centered on the local market. Many of Panama’s oldest families own second homes in the cool and healthy mountain air of the valley, weekending regularly to disengage and relax within easy reach of the city.

Cost Of Living In El Valle

The cost of living in El Valle is considerably less compared to Panama City. A couple can enjoy the hillside lifestyle for less than US$1,529 per month.

Monthly Budget For A Couple Living In El Valle, Panama

GasUS$7Used for cooking.
InternetN/AIncluded with telephone.
Cable TVUS$35

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Infrastructure In El Valle

A growing number of shops and services have been built, including a new commercial center and El Rey supermarket; however, the real focus of El Valle’s community is on its market. The market is a focal point in the town for its unbeatable quality produce—much of it organic—at unheard of prices.

Every day, local farmers arrive before sunrise with their chosen fruits and vegetables, creating the unusual situation in Panama of a traditional farmers market available to residents every day.

El Valle town and surrounding area consists of a thriving community of around 6,000 people, located around 75 miles from Panama City. The town lies about 15 miles up the mountainside from the Pan-American Highway, a picturesque drive through small villages and changing countryside.

Climate In El Valle

El Valle is known for its flora, for its climate (which, thanks to the slight elevation, is noticeably more comfortable than that back down at sea level in Panama City), and for its hot springs.

El Valle has spring-like temperatures year-round. The year-round average high is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average nighttime minimum is 61. There is little variation between summer and winter temperatures, the major difference being the amount of wind and rain from season to season. The dry season runs from mid-December to mid-April and the wet season from May to early December.