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A beautiful, blue-sky day at the beach in Panama with shade from a palm tree and two island-hopping boats resting on shore

Enjoy The Tropical Climate In Panama

The Panama climate is tropical maritime with a rainy and dry season and little temperature fluctuation from season to season. Importantly, Panama sits beyond the hurricane zone and is at no risk of being hit by tropical storms.

The temperature in all areas of Panama typically hovers around 80°F throughout the year. Average annual humidity is around 80%. Mountainous regions and any area above sea level may experience cooler temperatures and lower humidity. Panama receives the most annual rainfall during rainy season, most regions receive about 70 inches of rain per year.

The climate in Panama City can be too hot and sticky for some tastes, but look beyond the capital, and you find pockets of near-perfect climates in some regions. If you prefer fresh mountain temperatures to steamy sea-level ones, consider El Valle, Boquete, or Santa Fé.

As in any country, weather depends on your region, but generally Panama enjoys a warm, tropical climate.

Panamanian Rainy Season: May to November

Panamanian Dry Season: December to April

Weather in Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama - 23 March
82° F 75° F

Partly Cloudy

80° F

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